Mathlish– Slingerland and King

Senior New Tech students spent last week creating and presenting Ted Talks. Each talk was 3-6 minutes longs and focused on a social issue important to them.



World Lit/World History- Phillips and Cline

Juniors are finishing their group projects on the collapse of early empires and the possible collapse of the US.

Algebra II/Chemistry-  Watkins and King

Students are working on a project called heavy metal. In this project they are looking at the issue of electronic waste. Many batteries and electronic devices have heavy metals in them such as Cadmium which can be toxic to humans in the correct set of circumstances. Many times these phones and batteries are being thrown away and taken to landfills where they are now starting to see traces of these metals leaking into the surrounded areas as the devices decay over time. Students will be looking at projections of waste and how our efforts of holding an electronic waste awareness/ recycling campaign can help our community.

Algebra II (stand alone)- Ambrose



Literature/Econ/Government- Sprague and Darket

Physics/Geometry- Ambrose and Reddy



Biology/Literature- Garland and Pipok

Freshmen BioLit students are studying genetics and trying to decipher who they are through completing personality tests. Students participated in a literature circle in which they used their novel to help them argue whether or not people are more heavily affected by nature or by nurture.

Algebra I- Reddy

In Algebra I, freshmen are exploring a number of topics in math. They are learning about ways to use math to make observations and predictions about the world around us.  Students are investigating linear functions, their properties, and their applications, and  will learn about other types of functions, as well.  Students will use Carnegie Learning to explore many of the topics in this class, which incorporates problem-based learning, and work collaboratively in teams, most days

US History- Hutchinson



Forensics- Watkins

There has been a crime in Mr. Watkins’ room and a painting has been stolen. Using forensics skills and tests, students must analyze evidence from the crime scene, identify suspects and prove who stole the piece.

BNT Media- Pipok

Students are creating a commercial to advertise the Belleville Zombie 5k and are designing and implementing a social media marketing plan to get as many viewers as possible before the race. Students are also working on gathering materials to add to the website as well as the school’s social media pages.

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