From left to right –

Kristine Pipok – BioLit & HUMANity

Kris Spillman – BNT Office

Paula Slingerland – Senior Capstone

Aaron Watkins – Chemistry & Physics

Andrea Sprague – Money, Power, and the American Dream & Dual-Enrollment Liaison

Bill Cline – US History

Jennifer Garland – BioLit & Forensics

Mark Darket – Money, Power, and the American Dream & BNT Media(tion) + Leadership

David Mahoney – Algebra 1 & 2

Jake Sweets – BNT Counselor

Kaylee Haisma – Geometry & Statistics

Andrew Pitzer – HUMANity & Senior Capstone

Scott Wilsey – BNT Director

Felicia Lasenby – Academic Support (not pictured)



BNT Staff

Freshman facilitators 

Mrs. Garland, Biology-

Mrs. Pipok, English-

Mrs. Bomalaski, Algebra I-

Mr. Pitzer, US History-

Sophomore facilitators

Ms. Sprague, English-

Mr. Cline, Government/Econ-

Mr. Watkins, Physics-

Junior facilitators

Ms. Phillips, English/Math-

Mr. Darket, World History/BNT Media –

Mr. Watkins, Chemistry/Foresnics-

Senior facilitators

Mrs. Bomalaski, Statistics-

Mrs. Slingerland, English-

Mrs. Lasenby-


Mrs. Radtka-


Mr. Wilsey-


Freshman facilitators 

Mrs. Garland, Biology

Mrs. Pipok, English/BNT Media

Ms. Reddy, Algebra I

Mr. Hutchinson, US History

Sophomore facilitators

Ms. Sprague, English

Mr. Darket, Government/Econ

Mr. Ambrose, Physics/Geometry

Junior facilitators

Ms. Phillips, English

Mr. Cline, World History

Mr. Watkins, Chemistry/Foresnics

Senior facilitators

Ms. King, Math

Ms. Slingerland, English

Ms. Lasenby


Mrs. Radtka


Mr. Wilsey


2013-2014 Staff

2013-2014 Staff

Left to right

Top row
Scott Wilsey – Director
Paula Slingerland – World Studies
Jason Butka – World Studies
Aaron Lang – Chemistry & Algebra 2
Megan King – Math
Thomas Ambrose – Geometry & Physics
Aaron Watkins – Chemistry & Algebra 2
Felicia Lasenby – Support
Bruce Hutchinson – American Studies

Bottom row
Jennifer Garland – Biology, Ecology
Mark Darket – Money, Power, & The American Dream
Jessica Phillips – Geometry & Physics
Andrea Sprague – Money, Power, & The American Dream
Kristine Trickey – American Studies


photo (1)

Left to Right

John Raul Buison – Chemistry, Physics

Erin Radtka – Counselor

Jennifer Garland – Biology

Jason Butka – Director

Andrea Sprague – Politics and Literature

Megan King – Math

Michael Musser – New Tech Studios

Mark Darket – Politics and Literature, New Tech Studios

Bruce Hutchinson – American Studies

Jason Slomka – Math

Lynn Bradley (not pictured) – Math

Paula Slingerland – American Studies


Director: Jason Butka

Counselor: Erin Radtka


Social Studies: Mark Darket

BioLit: Jennifer Garland & Andrea Sprague

Math: Megan King

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